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Free Shipping On Orders Over £100 & Click and Collect Available (10am-5.30pm)

Bigdog C Series HC011 Snare Drum Stand

SKU 36236

The Bigdog C001 Snare Drum Stand - Just what is bigdog all about?......... It’s quite simple really.....Big Dog is a small group of guys (not necessarily a group of small guys) with a lot of years of experience working for some of the big names in the drum, percussion and music industry who decided to go it alone and provide drummers with top quality, cool products that are easy on the pocket. Innovative and solid product design, good material specifications and first class build quality are key to all of the bigdog products. Drums, stands, thrones, snare drums, pedals, accessories and bags are designed by us here in the UK and have won a host of awards and great reviews from the drum mags and dedicated drum and drummer web sites already. As an independent brand bigdog products are used by a growing number of players worldwide alongside their first choice of branded drums. Moreover, whatever make of drums and stands you’re currently using there’ll be something in our vast range of parts that you need or have been trying to find for months such as drum bolts, cymbal felts, wing screws, wing nuts etc.

The Bigdog C001 Snare Drum Stand main features,

* Basket Type Off-set with central pull
* Basket Adjustment Standard tilt.
* Leg style Double braced.
* Min Working Height 8.25'' / 464 mm.
* Max Working Height 24” / 610 mm.
* Bottom Tube Dia 1.0” / 25.4 mm.
* Top Tube Dia 7/8” / 22.3 mm.