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Free UK Shipping on Orders Over £100 (Unless on SALE) & Click and Collect Available - International Shipping Available: Email for Quote

Killnoise Super Soft Sound Plugs - Black - M/L Size

SKU 7020
The ultimate ear plugs designed specifically for keeping the sound experience, while still protecting your ears. Use Killnoise as concert ear plugs, motorcycle ear plugs and dj ear plugs. Also great earplugs for work, travel and sport. Comes with a handy storing pouch in black color. Get your Killnoise ear plugs today – it’s perhaps one of the best investments of your life!

Medium/Large, made for most people with normal or larger ear canals. Small ear plugs for smaller ear canals – most often kids, young and some women.

  • Clear Sound Ear plugs that block noise and let the sound pass through.  Just like turning the volume down, still maintaining a clear and distinct sound quality.
  • ReusableReusable earplugs that are easy to clean with soap and water. Made of unique Swedish thermoplastic material without silicon. Environmental friendly, hypoallergenic and recyclable.
  • DiscreteClear translucent color provides discreet earplugs, virtually invisible in your ears. Never again those yellow foam ear plugs!
  • ComfortableSoft and comfortable earplugs, even for long periods of time. It’s almost that you forget that you’re even wearing ear plugs! Soft stem for best safety and comfort.
  • Personal sound controlSound dampening control via a 4-lamina body system. In not so loud environments, simply pull the earplugs out one lamina, in which more sound comes through.
  • Fits all earsSize Medium/Large for most people with average to large ear canals (most adults). Small ear plugs for small ear canals (young and women).
  • Smart storingStore your earplugs in style! Smart storing pouch in several colors, fitting perfectly in ones pocket, handbag or key chain.
  • AffordableHigh quality ear plugs for a lifetime of healthy hearing, only at a fraction of the cost of a custom ear plugs. Probably one of the best investments of your life!

    • Ear plugs for concertsGreat ear plugs for concerts and festivals, for the best sound experience and hearing protection. Reduce the highest frequencies, and enjoy the music.
    • Ear plugs for musicians and dj’sKillnoise earplugs for musicians and dj’s are ideal for performing live music, or simply for anyone creating music! 
    • Ear plugs for nightclubThe perfect earplugs for a big night out. Without that ringing noise in your ear when you wake up the next morning!
    • Ear plugs for motorsportMotorcycle ear plugs for any kind of machine – motor bike, racecar, powerboat – you name it. Stay in control of the traffic, reduce the wind noise and hear the roar from the engine!
    • Ear plugs for travelEarplugs for travel to keep calm and relaxed on the airplane, at the bus or in the train. Still you will hear when it’s your time to get off!
    • Ear plugs for workEarplugs for work and for when you need to be able to talk and hear in noisy environments. Industry, school, office landscape and much more.
    • Ear plugs for swimming and sportsGreat earplugs for swimming and sports. No more water in your ear, still you will hear the sounds around you. Surfs up!
    • Ear plugs for everyday lifeEarplugs for whenever you want to block noise and still hear the world. In the gym, at the party or when the neighbor makes to much noise!