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Team Woodwind. Clarinet

SKU 23148

Team Woodwind: Clarinet is designed for everyone who wants to learn to play the Clarinet. Starting from the absolute basics, like how to put the Clarinet together and what to do with the reed, this book assumes no prior knowledge. The Team Woodwind series is not a ‘method’, rather a collection of music, which can be flexibly tailored to suit each student.

Apart from studies, scales and arpeggios, Team Woodwind: Clarinet contains over 50 well-known titles selected from the worlds of pop, jazz and the shows, as well as traditional and folk material, and includes fun pieces such as Over the rainbow, The Pink Panther and ’Star Wars’ main theme. Study option notes on the foot of most pages help the individualised teaching approach, while comments on technique and theory are included throughout where relevant to guarantee a smooth learning experience.

Improvisation, composition and ensemble playing with other Woodwind instruments, Piano or any of the instruments from the Team Strings, Team Brass, Team Recorder and Team Percussion series is encouraged. Upon finishing this book, students will be able to play sophisticated tunes alone, with other Clarinets or other instruments, at approximately Grade 4 standard. An accompanying CD with over 75 digital backing tracks is included for individual or group use.